Monday, 30 November 2009

Hullness Debate 6.30 - 7.30pm 10th Dec: How do we preserve Hull’s historic cityscape when considering flood-risk?

When you think about flooding, do you think of this?

or this?

On the 10th of December, 6.30 - 7.30pm, Arc will be holding a Hullness debate exploring new approaches to living with the increased risk of flooding. Please come along, bring your flood photographs and tell us your flood stories!

The original aim of the Hullness debates were to inform the Hull City Council Area Action Plan about Hull's architecture and what makes the city a unique place to live.
The risk of flooding, and how we can live with water should be part of this ongoing discussion. The built environment will need to develop because of flood-risk. We would like to raise awareness of the approach that other countries have taken that the increase in water can be a cultural and economic opportunity.

To inform the RIBA Building Futures exhibition to be held at Arc in March 2010. The information that we provide in Hull will continue to tour Britain with the exhibition.
This local research will also inform the supplementary planning document that Arc is producing in partnership with Hull City Council.
We will also be presenting photographs from a recent flood research trip to Holland (see photo above), that show that providing space for water can actually improve public space. Speakers will be announced shortly.


  1. Thinking about some more expanded relationships to 'Hull-ness' and embodied knowledges - leading me to think about Hull Fair as a state of encounter. Can anyone share with me the 'in things' that they 'had to have' from the Fair - I remember coke cans filled with insulation foam as fizzy drink; plaster cast animal ornaments; giant cowboy hats -and the most coveted crinoline doll.

  2. Gillian that is an interesting idea, it could be the basis of a discussion about celebrating public space

  3. What I see is one picture of a flood, and one picture not of a flood - what's the deal with this?